We take pride in offering personalised dog grooming packages tailored specifically to you and your dog's needs.

At Chester K9 Fertility Clinic & Grooming, our love for dogs is our driving passion. We happily cater to small and medium breeds, ranging from shihtzus to cockapoos, regardless of whether they are pedigrees or mixed breeds. Our priority is providing a compassionate and caring grooming experience where your beloved pet feels at ease and secure.

First Aid Trained

To ensure your peace of mind, our groomers are trained in first aid.

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Grooming Packages

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Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

First session: £35
Follow on sessions: £20

This includes full consultation and pets own personal tooth brush head to use through out the sessions. 

We have over 10 years of k9 salon experience

Full Groom Service

For all our Full Groom Packages, we begin with a thorough consultation to evaluate your dog's coat and overall condition. During this consultation, we will discuss your dog's specific needs and your grooming preferences.

Our goal is to understand your desired outcome and determine what can realistically be achieved to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer a collection & drop off service. Get in touch for details.

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Grooming FAQs

Regular grooming depends on your dog’s breed, coat type, and lifestyle. Generally, dogs with longer hair or those that shed more frequently require more frequent grooming, such as every 4-8 weeks. Shorter-haired breeds may only need grooming every 8-12 weeks. However, all dogs benefit from regular brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning at home between professional grooming sessions.

A typical grooming session includes a range of services such as bathing, brushing, haircut or trimming, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and sometimes teeth brushing. The groomer will assess your dog’s coat condition, discuss your preferences, and ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pet. Additionally, they may offer specialized services like flea/tick treatments or de-shedding treatments if necessary.

To help your dog have a positive grooming experience, it’s important to introduce grooming routines early on and gradually acclimate them to the process. Start by handling your dog’s paws, ears, and other sensitive areas gently. Regular brushing at home can also help your dog become more comfortable with grooming. Before the appointment, ensure your dog is well-exercised, has relieved themselves, and bring any necessary information about their health or behavior to share with the groomer.